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  • The month of January was the most relaxing of them all. It was J-Term so it was really laid back. I worked at my job throughout J-Term and did things to my car! I used the time that I had off of school for things that I enjoy, aka, my hobbies. As of now, the sun is coming out and the snow is clearing. I’m looking forward to Spring Semester because it’ll be a little warmer and I could finally cosmetic mod my car. Although I only worked and did some of my hobbies, I found myself missing school a little bit. I felt as if I needed something to do so I guess that was one thing that ruined my break.

    Throughout J-Term, there was a math class that would help place me in Calculus but I wasn’t able to take that class. The reason I wasn’t able to is because I didn’t take Math my first semester and I am taking it this current semester instead. This really bummed me out because I really wanted to take this math class so I could be able to take Calculus over the summer. Another reason this bummed me out is because people who took the math 008-009 class for J-Terms class was paid for by the school and their Calculus class would also be paid for during the summer. Since I am struggling with my mom financially, it would be difficult for me when applying for these math classes but I know there is always a way.

    Overall, my J-Term was fine, not the best, but it went well. I’m looking forward to seeing what Spring Semester has for me and I hope I do as well as I did my previous semester.

    -Franklin Garcia M

  • The month of December was a stressful month, reason being, it was finals month. Doing college finals in class was one of the most stressful experiences I have gone through. I remember feeling all the pressure to do well and to make sure I had studied all the material. I was constantly worried about not remembering all the information, or that I would make a mistake which could lead me to failure.

    The experience of doing finals in class was a daunting one. I had never had to take a final exam as serious as the ones in college. I was feeling very overwhelmed. Despite the stress, I was determined to do well on the exams and I worked hard to prepare. I studied constantly and made sure I was prepared.

    I am proud to say I passed all my college finals. Even more importantly, I gained a big idea of the experience and what to expect for next semester and upcoming years. I also learned how to study effectively, as I was never much of a study person. Having gone through college finals, I am now confident I can face other finals. I can’t be more proud of myself because high school was very rough for me. So, I am proud of doing way better in the first semester of college and I plan on keeping it up.

  • My November Blog

    It’s been a stressful semester so far but I am making it work. it’s been a great month although it’s stressful but I’ve learned tons of new things and grow, both academically and personally. I’m taking an interesting class that I like a lot as of now. Theology is a class I thought I would not have interest in but it’s gripped me well and I find myself watching theology videos on YouTube. I’ve always been opened minded so I like learning about new things that are not usually taught in school. I’m currently not facing any difficult challenges besides financial challenges. It’s difficult with all the expenses I have to make to support my mom and sister but I’ll find ways around it. College wise, the only challenge would be finals. I’ve never really been much of a test guy but I’ll put full effort into trying to get a good grade. Achievements I have made so far would be maintaining my grades. I’m honestly surprised and proud of how far I have came with my grades. Although I hope tests don’t mess any of that up. Upcoming tests I have would be Biology and Theology, I also have 2 projects due for that class so I have to juggle a lot of things in the span of a month.

    As of my job, I am still working part time to help pay for my tuition and other expenses. It can be challenging to balance my school work and job, but I’m managing to make it work. I’m still able to stay on top of my studies and keep up with my job. I’m still interested in getting an internship and I hope that happens very soon! I haven’t changed majors and I’m still focused on getting a degree in computer science. As for school activities, I’ve been to a bunch. There’s always something to do and I’ve went to more than I can count. I’m always doing something when I’m not working, been very engaged with school events and got to know a bunch of new people. Overall, college has been a great experience and I’m happy that I made the decision to pursue a higher education, I’m looking forward to looking at what comes next. Again, thank you for the scholarship opportunity, Concord!

  • My October Blog,

    My second month of college, and so far, everything is good. I’m enjoying the classes, and although some are challenging, they’re still enjoyable. So far my favorite class is Theology. It’s an interesting class, and it is different. An achievement I could say I have achieved would be lasting 2 months in college. I know it sounds goofy saying that but there’s been a couple people who have dropped out due to stress, and I’m glad I have been feeling good. I just had a challenging biology midterm, but I got my score back yesterday, and I found out I didn’t do terribly. I did better than the class average, which I was proud of because Bio has always been my weak subject. I also have theology midterm #2 due on the 3rd of November, and finals for Bio are in December. I’m still working at Target to help provide for my mom and I, but I would be interested in an Internship as well.

    There has not been a class I have hated or anything. I am actually looking forward to sociology and philosophy. I like learning about something different that we usually do not learn about. I am still looking forward to majoring in computer science or forensics. I have been going to many school events and spending a lot of time on both campuses—the one in downtown and the one in St. Paul. I’m still looking forward to my four years, which isn’t changing anytime soon. I am still excited to see what is to come next, and all I can say is that nothing has changed.

  • My September Blog

    My college journey so far has been interesting. I have been learning many things in class, but I have to say that my favorite class so far must be theology. I learned many things in that class, like the story of Hagar, who was enslaved and freed by God. This class is interesting because it’s different from all other classes I have taken, and it stands out. If I had to say a class I’ve been struggling in, it probably has to be bio because bio is complex, and we have a quiz every Thursday. I feel like I’m being thrown a lot of bio information, and I cannot comprehend it well. Something I have achieved so far is turning my things in on time. This is an achievement because since I’m in college, I have gotten a bunch of work. Also, I’m a first-generation college student, so I never really had a guide on what to expect from college. I’m a bit stressed about the finals because I have a theology midterm on Monday, but I think I’ll be fine. I’m nervous about the biology final in October because it’s 52 questions, and we can’t use notes. 

    I’m looking forward to being able to do an internship! However, as of right now, I’m currently working at Target; I’d love to do an internship though. I haven’t heard any news about the Concord Foundation mentorship, but I’m definitely interested! I’m currently leaning into majoring in computer science, and I’m excited to learn different computer languages. I’ve been using an app that teaches me the basics, and it’s pretty nice. I haven’t been searching for any jobs that have to do with computer science as I’ve been busy with the work I’ve been getting. I’m still trying to get the hang of everything. Something I have been doing though is participating in many school events. I’m hoping I could be the president of a club named HOLA sometime; we will see where that gets me. Overall, college has been fun so far, and everything has been going well. I’m surprised that I can maintain it. This is a huge step for me, and I’m excited about what my next path is after I graduate from doing 4 years of college. Thank you, Concord, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this scholarship. 

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